Saturday, October 3, 2015

Choosing Pole Signs For Your Business

When you are trying to attract many more people to your storefront, pole signs are the perfect addition to the surrounding property. You can have them installed directly in front of the store or somewhere near the parking lot, making them even more visible to the people who are driving past. While some people may already know your store exists, others may not know it is there until they see the sign and then decide to check it out.

If you decide to invest in a pole banner, you will need to make several decisions. There are several designs available, including monument-style, pylon and banner-style pole signs. The monument signs are often situated on the ground and are displayed largely enough in front of the property to capture attention from a lot of people who may be passing by in their vehicles. However, both the pylon and banner options draw a lot of attention as well.

After you officially decide which style you would like to have installed for your store, you can focus on the actual design of it. Instead of leaving it plain and simple, try to use a few colors that are a bit more noticeable than the traditional black and white colors. Some good color choices include red, yellow, orange and blue. However, you can select any of the specific colors that you prefer.

You would also need to decide what you want to have on your sign. You may want to see just the name of the store on it, but you could also have a logo printed on it too. As long as you choose something that looks professional and noticeable, the pole sign should look great when it gets installed directly around the property where your business is located.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Sandblasted Sign Can Get You More Business

When you work with getting advertising set up, you may want to try a sandblasted sign. That's so you can have something that's different and that attracts attention. Whether you're having a sale or just want people to know where you're located, you can utilize the following advice to get started.

Basically, a sign made through sandblasting is done through a high pressured sand mixture that is able to be used like a drawing implement. The key here is that the person doing the work has to think of the drawing as one that uses negative space. It's kind of like if you were to have a piece of paper with pencil all over it, and you had to make the design you wanted through erasing. The key to this going right is for someone familiar with art to do it, or a machine that can be precise.

When you're going to work with sandblasting materials, you need to make sure you are buying the right kind of backing for your sign. For instance, you can't just have a plastic backboard for the sign and expect the sand not to etch into it. There are a lot of great materials that are better for this kind of thing, like wood, but still you have to have the right kind of skill to do the job right. That's why it's best to hire a company to help you that is good at it, so you don't risk ruining the project since you can't really go back and alter it more than once or twice.

You're going to want to get a sandblasted sign in place if you're trying to get advertising out to people. When you use this advice to help you out, you'll notice great results. Picking out a great sign will help you stand out from the crowd.